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Theory test's multiple choice section

Multiple choice questionMultiple choice section is one part of theory test. It consists of 50 questions and you have to answer correctly at least 43 questions to pass theory test. However, if you will fail in hazard perception test, then passed score in multiple choice section won't help. To pass theory test, you should pass each section - both multiple choice questions and hazard perception test.

Multiple choice section lasts 57 minutes. Of course, if you feel you have already answered all 50 questions correctly and you do not need time for revision, you can have a break before hazard perception section. Both theory test sections are taken on a computer and before tests start you will be given instructions and explanations how the test works. Be aware that some multiple choice questions will be stated as a case study with scenario on which question bases.  The subject of the scenario focuses on real life example and experience that drivers could face on roads.

25 Nov 2010