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Theory test's hazard perception section

Hazard perception test section is the second part of the theory test. It tests your reaction and knowledge of traffic rules and their application in real road situations. In brief, we can say that hazard perception test is something in between driving theory and practical driving. Hazard perception test is taken on computer, thus, it is simulation of traffic situations. If you are during the process of studying driving theory or plan to start the studies of driving theory, you should know that an hazard is anything that causes driver to change direction or speed.

During hazard perception test you should click on the developing hazard as early as it becomes an hazard for you as a driver. If you click early enough, you get 5 point for each hazard. If you are late you get 4, 3, 2, 1 or even 0 points.

hazard perception test

You will see 14 click able video clips each of them having 1 hazard, while 1 of these clips will have 2 hazards. You have passed hazard perception test section if you have got at least 44 points out of max 75.

30 Nov 2010