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theory test methodology

Theory test practice methodology is something we would like to share with you. It is very important to observe particular practice methodology even in these moments when you are so tired of warning roads or hazardous pedestrians. Believe us! It is crucial to your own successes to follow the rules below:

  • Learn just when you have good concentration. If you feel you cannot memorize and understand anything, you are tired or in bad mood, do not force yourself to study! You will not learn anything just gain antipathy toward theory test studies. In the worst case you will even dream about road signs and traffic.
  • Ask for logical explanations when you really do not understand something. It is advised to comprehend each traffic rule, each theory test question and its correct answer not just remember it. Do not hesitate to ask your instructor, teacher or any other people who has driving license.
  • Be active. Discuss hazardous situations and unclear theory issues with your instructor, teacher or with other learners. It will give you overall understanding on particular issues as well as develop ability to comprehend theoretical traffic rules and to apply them to real traffic situations.
  • Listen to others - instructor, teachers, learners. Traffic is about relationship among drivers. Drivers are people. People are different. Listen to all traffic members to develop your ability to understand any driver and to be ready to act properly in hazardous road situation.
  • Maintain positive attitude. Millions of people all over the world not just in UK have passed theory test. Who said you are worse than they? You can do it, no doubts!
  • Be persistent. Do not give up if it is hard for you to find time, to concentrate, to read again and again, to comprehend traffic rules etc. Yes, nobody has said it is easy. It is not. It really demands a lot of patience, a lot of persistence and learning. There is no other recipe.
  • Do not afraid to do things wrong. This is the way how to learn to do things right. Nobody has born as genius! Learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them!
  • Do not be lazy. If there is some chapters to be read and some case studies to be solved during particular time period (set by you, your instructor or teacher), do it. Do not skip them because of lack of time, tiredness etc. If you feel you do not have enough time or energy to do homework, consider changes in your theory test practice schedule.

The above described is study methodology we have practiced for ages. We must admit - sometimes it works and sometimes not. It gives results just when we strictly follow each of the mentioned points. We will be pleased if you share your own experience, what helps you to be persistent and keep concentration.

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15 Oct 2010