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Learner plateTheory test evaluates your theoretical knowledge of traffic. It is not just about knowing rules, knowing road signs, it is more also about reaction, memory and your road and traffic skills. Therefore theory test consists both of multiple choice questions and hazard perception test which is perfect combination to evaluate your theoretical knowledge of traffic.

To practice theory test, we recommend the following:

  • Read Highway Code - it includes all the rules and legal requirements for traffic. You can search online, visit bookshops or online bookstores. We are sure you will find full Highway Code. You just need to decide yourself, would you like to print Highway Code on printer or page it on computer screen, or would you like to read bound book in sofa or beach. Nevertheless, just an idea - Highway Code in your computer does not mean you should sit at desk, nowadays user friendly technologies allow to enjoy beach and study simultaneously. Everything depends on you and your habits!
  • Take as much mock theory tests as possible. Again, just decide would you like to practice on computer or by reading a book. There are some advantages for computer practice - you will get adapted towards real situation in DSA theory test. Besides, interactivity helps during study process and promotes you will notice and remember exactly these details which are important to learn. Thus, you will learn to apply legal rules in real road and traffic situations.
  • Take as much hazard perception tests as possible to be sure you understand the concept and scoring mechanism and learn to recognize hazard. Hazard perception test is a simulation of every days road situation and tests your reaction and theoretical knowledge of traffic. It could be valuable if you look through some hazard perception tests together with your driving instructor as well as if you analyze various hazardous traffic situations you face during driving lessons in context of hazard perception test.

10 Nov 2010