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Simple invoicing software

By choosing a invoicing software I have very few requirements. To be more precise, about four. I want to list my 1) items (product's that I will sell), 2) taxes and 3) clients with corresponding data. Than mix those to create my 4) invoices and send it to clients. From my point of view it is simple as that. And I do business simple as that. But if you search online there is no so much around. Easy, fast and simple mostly points to Not simple at all or some invoicing software that is outdated and depressing. I tried about five or six from first page in google search and somehow not one resonated with my view of simplicity. Simple in my perceptive means, that I'm up and ready in few minutes and start to create my invoices. Sometimes I banged into non understandable menus, sometimes in to much features that just didn't fit in my head and made me run away. I believe there’s no such thing as perfect interface that every human can understand, but in the same time I believe that invoicing solution providers can catch up with mostly used software (like windows, popular websites, etc.) and make something equal to overcome that part of learning something completely different. So after banging into this. I some have got that feeling. Played a little around and made my invoices- just like that and I’m good. If something is still not clear, this invoicing software help will be usefull. To look for something even more perfect (or easier) I don't really have time and money. 60 starting days are for free and the prices after that seem to be very fair. One thing that I feared would not be there are requiring invoices, because I hate to do the same monotone sending every month – but it is. I can choose the period when and how often it's sent and that's enough for me. So for now I’m working with this and if you requirements somehow equal to mine, I would recommend to check it out. The registration process is very simple so it will not take a lot of your time.

27 Jul 2012