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Ready for theory test? Yes / No

Taking your theory test as early as possible is always a good idea especially when you have some time limit for getting a driving license. But it is very important to be well prepared to escape multiple re-takes. Believe us, it is worth to invest more time (and sometimes also money) to gain confidence and to pass theory test on the first time.

So, how to know - are you ready or not for theory test? Is it some special feeling that suddenly comes into your head? How to recognize it? We have made list which consists of the most often applicable factors to ensure you are ready for your DSA theory test:

  • Theory test questions - have you at least twice read Highway Code and practiced all the theory test questions including road signs and case studies? There are plenty of study material available (books, CDs and online), you just need to decide which one the best suits your habits. Would you like to read book or study in front of computer. We would recommend to pick up the study material which offers not just text of rules or legal requirements but also provides possible test questions and explanations for the correct answers. It is essential you know how to apply rules in every days road situations. It is crucial also for successes in hazard perception test. Make sure you have understood the concept and scoring mechanism of hazard perception test.
  • Personal characteristics - people are different, some with easiness remember numbers, while others not. Some people feel more vivid in the mornings, while other on the evenings. If you are the one who face difficulties to remember numbers, make special list of allowed speeds, stopping distances, road signs which determine certain distances. That kind of list will save you time when you would like to revise all the difficult-to-remember questions as well as help you to remember the particular questions. If you feel as a morning-man do not schedule your theory test in afternoon or evening. And vice versa.
  • Theory test requirements - do not forget about all the necessary documentation (both parts of provisional license), theory test center location (be in time), touch screen skills (use an opportunity of practice session and practice how touch screen functions to get used to the system).
  • Emotions - try not to be nervous, stay positive and precise. If you have finished earlier, check all the answers one more time to be sure there are no stress mistakes. If you do not know the correct answer at once, do not waste time on thinking, flag this question to be able to return back when you have gone through all the questions of theory test. Watch official DSA video below to get rid of stress and to be aware of what to expect on your theory test day. Good luck!

30 Oct 2010