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One step from driver to pedestrian

I have received my driving license some months ago. I got Swedish license (körkort), but I can use them in every country of European Union. I don’t have my own car yet, but I can take my father’s car sometimes. On the one hand, I like driving car and enjoy going somewhere with my friend by car instead of bus. On the other hand, I am very afraid to scratch or crash the car. My father treats the car carefully and would be angry on me if I do something bad with his car. In that case he will never trust me again.

I don’t feel the size of father’s car so I have some problems with parking. I wasn’t taught to park in small holes when I was studying for körkort. I can tell you one big secret about my first parking on dad’s car. It was some celebration day in the city and we went together with friends to the city center. It was full of people and out of parking places. After 20 minutes we have found a place. It was very small, so it was hard to park the car. As a result I made 10 cm scratch on the side of the car. All the evening I was in a bad mood. I was imagining father’s reaction. One of my friends advised one car cream that removes scratches. We went to petrol station and bought the cream. Oh, thanks God, scratch became almost invisible. I was saved from “death”.

I am good driver and I value my körkort, that’s why I always drive very carefully. It would be very unfair if father didn’t give me his car again. All is well that ends well. I got precious lesson from that “accident” and will be more careful in future.

21 Nov 2012