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My free online invoicing software and bookkeeping assistant

When you are running small enterprise, you have to be ready to do all jobs by yourself unless you have many employees. For my company it is not profitable to hire many people. So I’m running it together with my friend.

We are trying to manage business by ourselves. I need to work hard in order to do everything in time. All the time I was looking for solutions that will help us save time and make our company work more efficient. Market provides a lot of different gadgets and software for business. It is interesting to try some of them and to see that your company’s activities became more productive. One of those solutions is free online invoicing software. I think I don’t need to tell you much about how it simplifies the process of issuing invoices. The advantages are obvious. Recently I have decided to change my free online invoicing software to a new one. Now I need to pay some monthly charge, but at the same time I have more features. Also that upgrade brought me “bookkeeping assistant”.

My software can’t replace the real bookkeeper so far. But it has different accounting features that are useful for both me and my bookkeeper. For example, I tell the program to create different kind of reports and it does. I can always be aware of my financial indicators. Also we integrated bookkeeping accounts into the program and accounting transactions are made automatically. That let us save on bookkeeping, because part of bookkeeper work is done by our software.

15 Sep 2010