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Independent driving

28 Dec 2010

Independent driving is component of practical driving test and was introduced in autumn, 2010. The section of independent driving lasts just 10 minutes without instructions from your examiner. Take into consideration that lack of instructions will be only during independent driving section, during other sections of driving test you will continue to receive directions. To [...]

Driving license categories

21 Dec 2010

Driving license category determines what kind of vehicles you are allowed to drive (or ride). See the detailed explanation below in the table: Category Vehicle Min age A Motorcycles with a sidecar and a power to weight ratio of up to 0.16 kW/kg 17 A Medium-sized motorcycles up to 25 kW (33 bhp) and a power [...]

Theory test questions

15 Dec 2010

Theory test is probably one of the challenging tasks in anybody's life. For those who are planning to pass theory test and obtain driving license it is worth to know that starting with January, 2012 there will be changes in DSA theory test questions. Basically there will be completely different approach. Now a theory learner [...]

Theory test practice

9 Dec 2010

Driving lessons are needed to practice for driving test, similar practice is needed to pass theory test. Practice for theory test includes taking mock tests and hazard perception tests. Mock tests are very similar to multiple choice section in DSA theory test. Mock test questions come from various categories: accidents, alertness, attitude, documents, hazard awareness, [...]

Theory test's hazard perception section

30 Nov 2010

Hazard perception test section is the second part of the theory test. It tests your reaction and knowledge of traffic rules and their application in real road situations. In brief, we can say that hazard perception test is something in between driving theory and practical driving. Hazard perception test is taken on computer, thus, it [...]

Theory test's multiple choice section

25 Nov 2010

Multiple choice section is one part of theory test. It consists of 50 questions and you have to answer correctly at least 43 questions to pass theory test. However, if you will fail in hazard perception test, then passed score in multiple choice section won't help. To pass theory test, you should pass each section [...]

Provisional license

18 Nov 2010

Provisional license is something you should apply when you have reached the required driving age to be able to practice driving test as well as to take DSA theory test and DSA driving test. The provisional license is issued by Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. There are 3 kinds to apply for provisional licence: personal, [...]

Driving license - required age

11 Nov 2010

Driving license obtaining age depends on vehicle category: Moped (P vehicle category): you can apply for provisional license at your 16th birthday. Car (B vehicle catgeory): you can apply for provisional license 3 months before your 17th birthday. Motorcycle (A vehicle category): you can apply for provisional license 3 months before your 17th birthday.

Theory test practice

10 Nov 2010

Theory test evaluates your theoretical knowledge of traffic. It is not just about knowing rules, knowing road signs, it is more also about reaction, memory and your road and traffic skills. Therefore theory test consists both of multiple choice questions and hazard perception test which is perfect combination to evaluate your theoretical knowledge of traffic. [...]

Driving theory

5 Nov 2010

Driving licence is a dream of many people. There are several steps to be able to get driving licence: reach the required age get provisional license practice for theory test (multiple choice section and hazard perception section) practice for driving test pass theory test pass driving test Somne of these steps can be combined, some [...]

Ready for theory test? Yes / No

30 Oct 2010

Taking your theory test as early as possible is always a good idea especially when you have some time limit for getting a driving license. But it is very important to be well prepared to escape multiple re-takes. Believe us, it is worth to invest more time (and sometimes also money) to gain confidence and [...]

Theory test practice methodology

15 Oct 2010

Theory test practice methodology is something we would like to share with you. It is very important to observe particular practice methodology even in these moments when you are so tired of warning roads or hazardous pedestrians. Believe us! It is crucial to your own successes to follow the rules below: Learn just when you [...]

Theory test for UK

1 Oct 2010

UK driving license study theory test In order to get driving license and pass the UK driving theory test you should practice a lot. Nobody can imagine practicing without reading Highway Code, take various DSA hazard perception and mock tests as well as case studies!