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Traffic jam

6 Jan 2011

Traffic jam is something everybody tries to escape. Traffic jam usually makes us nervous and late. There are a lot of cities in UK and all over Europe where traffic jams are very usual thing. Unfortunately, people have not yet learned to take it easy. They are taking stress each day, each day they spoil [...]

Driving games

28 Dec 2010

Driving games are good way to practice driving theory, to learn road signs and Highway Code. Of course, not all of the driving games are useful for driving theory practice. Therefore you should be critical when choosing on which games to spend your spare time. Just have quick look on visual aids appearing during game, [...]

Learner driver

10 Dec 2010

Learner driver has an objective to get driving license. To reach his / her objective learner driver has to pass theory test and practical driving test. Practical driving test consists of eye sight test, vehicle safety questions (show me tell me questions), driving manoeuvres, drive with examiner and independent driving. Learner driver rules: 1. Holder [...]

Learning styles

29 Nov 2010

Learning styles are individual ways of learning. There are several learning styles, each based on characteristics of individual's personality. The objective of learning style is to offer a set of educational methods and practice methodology by which the individual learns the best. Most people prefer an identifiable method of interacting with, taking in, and processing [...]

Theory test energizers

22 Nov 2010

Theory test practice is not easy and you probably already know it! Some times you will need additional energy to inspire yourself for new achievements in your way to driving license. By the way - theory test energizers you can buy here.

Driving and theory test advice

11 Oct 2010 provides online advice on your way to driving license in UK. Basically we write about driving theory test practice and how to pass theory test successfully on the first time. However, some valuable resources for driving test learners will be also available. We hope you will enjoy our site and please feel free to [...]