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One step from driver to pedestrian

21 Nov 2012

I have received my driving license some months ago. I got Swedish license (körkort), but I can use them in every country of European Union. I don’t have my own car yet, but I can take my father’s car sometimes. On the one hand, I like driving car and enjoy going somewhere with my friend [...]

Driving test questions

22 Dec 2010

The driving test could be taken after you have passed a theory test (körkortsfrågor). Driving test usually takes 40 minutes and includes: * Eye sight test, * Vehicle safety questions (known also as "Show me, tell me questions"), * Driving manoeuvres, * Drive with examiner, incl. so called independent driving. The driving test is designed [...]

Driving lessons

3 Dec 2010

Driving license is impossible without practice of driving. To feel comfortable and accustomed to road situations you should take driving lessons. To practice with the the help of family member or friend is always cheaper than to practice with approved driving instructor (ADI). The choice is yours! But there are still some factors to consider [...]

Compulsory basic training

15 Nov 2010

Compulsory basic training (known also as abbreviation CBT) is needed if you would like to learn to ride motorcycle or moped. CBT is not demanded for car drivers. In brief, when you reach the required driving license holders age, you apply for provisional license. In case you are going to ride motorcycle or moped you [...]