UK driving theory on November 21, 2012

I have received my driving license some months ago. I got Swedish license (körkort), but I can use them in every country of European Union. I don’t have my own car yet, but I can take my father’s car sometimes. On the one hand, I like driving car and enjoy going somewhere with my friend by car instead of bus. On the other hand, I am very afraid to scratch or crash the car. My father treats the car carefully and would be angry on me if I do something bad with his car. In that case he will never trust me again.

I don’t feel the size of father’s car so I have some problems with parking. I wasn’t taught to park in small holes when I was studying for körkort. I can tell you one big secret about my first parking on dad’s car. It was some celebration day in the city and we went together with friends to the city center. It was full of people and out of parking places. After 20 minutes we have found a place. It was very small, so it was hard to park the car. As a result I made 10 cm scratch on the side of the car. All the evening I was in a bad mood. I was imagining father’s reaction. One of my friends advised one car cream that removes scratches. We went to petrol station and bought the cream. Oh, thanks God, scratch became almost invisible. I was saved from “death”.

I am good driver and I value my körkort, that’s why I always drive very carefully. It would be very unfair if father didn’t give me his car again. All is well that ends well. I got precious lesson from that “accident” and will be more careful in future.

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UK driving theory on July 27, 2012

By choosing a invoicing software I have very few requirements. To be more precise, about four. I want to list my 1) items (product’s that I will sell), 2) taxes and 3) clients with corresponding data. Than mix those to create my 4) invoices and send it to clients. From my point of view it is simple as that. And I do business simple as that. But if you search online there is no so much around. Easy, fast and simple mostly points to Not simple at all or some invoicing software that is outdated and depressing. I tried about five or six from first page in google search and somehow not one resonated with my view of simplicity. Simple in my perceptive means, that I’m up and ready in few minutes and start to create my invoices. Sometimes I banged into non understandable menus, sometimes in to much features that just didn’t fit in my head and made me run away. I believe there’s no such thing as perfect interface that every human can understand, but in the same time I believe that invoicing solution providers can catch up with mostly used software (like windows, popular websites, etc.) and make something equal to overcome that part of learning something completely different. So after banging into this I some have got that feeling. Played a little around and made my invoices- just like that and I’m good. If something is still not clear, this invoicing software help will be usefull. To look for something even more perfect (or easier) I don’t really have time and money. 60 starting days are for free and the prices after that seem to be very fair. One thing that I feared would not be there are requiring invoices, because I hate to do the same monotone sending every month – but it is. I can choose the period when and how often it’s sent and that’s enough for me. So for now I’m working with this and if you requirements somehow equal to mine, I would recommend to check it out. The registration process is very simple so it will not take a lot of your time.

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UK driving theory on January 6, 2011

Traffic jam is something everybody tries to escape. Traffic jam usually makes us nervous and late. There are a lot of cities in UK and all over Europe where traffic jams are very usual thing. Unfortunately, people have not yet learned to take it easy. They are taking stress each day, each day they spoil their mood instead of going by public transport or getting out of home earlier. That’s their choice. As well as it is our choice what to do while sitting in traffic jams – using mobile for calls or texting, eating, drinking, reading, communicating with other traffic members etc. Whatever you do, please, take into consideration safety and better don’t do anything we mentioned before. Just be patient and think positive! The following video will absolutely help you at least to try to think positive.

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UK driving theory on December 28, 2010

Independent driving is component of practical driving test and was introduced in autumn, 2010.

The section of independent driving lasts just 10 minutes without instructions from your examiner. Take into consideration that lack of instructions will be only during independent driving section, during other sections of driving test you will continue to receive directions. To help you orientate where you are going, the examiner may show you a diagram of route. It does not matter if you go the wrong way. Independent driving is not a test of your orientation and navigation skills. It is designed to test combination of your practical driving skills and driving theory and ability to make your own decisions about road situations and safe driving.

See yourself what is independent driving by watching video produced by Driving Standards Agency.

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UK driving theory on December 28, 2010

Driving theory test gameDriving games are good way to practice driving theory, to learn road signs and Highway Code. Of course, not all of the driving games are useful for driving theory practice. Therefore you should be critical when choosing on which games to spend your spare time. Just have quick look on visual aids appearing during game, is there any reference with signs and traffic going on the roads. If it is not, then it is no worth to spend your time and hope that you will practice driving theory while playing.

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UK driving theory on December 22, 2010

Driving test

The driving test could be taken after you have passed a theory test (körkortsfrågor). Driving test usually takes 40 minutes and includes:

* Eye sight test,
* Vehicle safety questions (known also as “Show me, tell me questions”),
* Driving manoeuvres,
* Drive with examiner, incl. so called independent driving.

The driving test is designed to see can you drive safely, do you know Highway Code and are you able to demonstrate this knowledge.

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UK driving theory on December 21, 2010

Driving license category determines what kind of vehicles you are allowed to drive (or ride). See the detailed explanation below in the table:

Category Vehicle Min age
A Motorcycles with a sidecar and a power to weight ratio of up to 0.16 kW/kg 17
A Medium-sized motorcycles up to 25 kW (33 bhp) and a power to weight ratio of up to 0.16 kW/kg 17
A Any size motorcycle, with or without a sidecar if you have completed the large motorcycle Direct Access Scheme 21, a
A1 Light motorcycles with an engine size of up to 125 cc and a power output of up to 11 kW (14.6 bhp) 17
B Motor vehicles with a MAM of up to 3,500 kg, no more than eight passenger seats, with or without a trailer – weighing no more than 750 kg 17, b
B As category B but with a trailer weighing more than 750 kg. The total weight of the vehicle and the trailer together can’t weigh more than 3,500 kg. The weight of the trailer, when fully loaded, can’t weigh more than the unladen weight of the vehicle 17, b
B auto As category B with automatic transmission 17, b
B+E As category B but with a heavier trailer that isn’t covered in the descriptions for category B 17
B1 Motor tricycles, quadricycles and three or four wheeled vehicles with an unladen weight no more than 550 kg 17, b
C Vehicles over 3,500 kg, with a trailer up to 750 kg 21, c, d
C+E As category C but with a trailer over 750 kg 21, c, d
C1+E As category C1 but with a trailer weighing more than 750 kg. The total weight of the vehicle and the trailer together can’t weigh more than 12,000 kg. The weight of the trailer, when fully loaded, can’t weigh more than the unladen weight of the vehicle 21, c, d, e
C1 Vehicles weighing between 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg, with or without a trailer – weighing no more than 750 kg 18, c

a You can ride a large motorcycle at any age two years after passing a test on a medium-sized motorcycle

b Age 16 if you are currently getting Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate (mobility component)

c Age 17 if you are a member of the armed services

d You can drive these vehicles at age 18 if one of the following apply:

  • you have passed your driving test and Driver CPC initial qualification
  • you are learning to drive or taking a driving test for this category or Driver CPC initial qualification
  • you are taking a national vocational training course to get a Driver CPC initial qualification
  • you had your driving licence before 10 September 2009 – you must take the CPC periodic training within five years of this date

e Age 18 if you got your driving license before 10 September 2009 and the weight of the vehicle and trailer together is under 7,500 kg

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UK driving theory on December 15, 2010

Theory test 2012Theory test is probably one of the challenging tasks in anybody’s life. For those who are planning to pass theory test and obtain driving license it is worth to know that starting with January, 2012 there will be changes in DSA theory test questions. Basically there will be completely different approach. Now a theory learner can access all DSA theory test questions before the real theory test day and in case the learner is extremely diligent, he can even learn everything by heart. Since January, 2012 the situation will be completely different. The theory learner will not have access to the real theory test questions during studies – DSA will not publish the theory test questions anymore. Therefore passing of a theory test will be more challenging than it is now. On other point of view, it will increase safety on streets.

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UK driving theory on December 10, 2010

learner driver

Learner driver has an objective to get driving license. To reach his / her objective learner driver has to pass theory test and practical driving test. Practical driving test consists of eye sight test, vehicle safety questions (show me tell me questions), driving manoeuvres, drive with examiner and independent driving.

Learner driver rules:

1. Holder of valid provisional license.

2. The vehicle you drive is roadworthy, taxed and insured.

3. L plates displayed on he vehicle you drive.

4. Instructor needed. It could be also somebody of your family or friends. In this case accompanying driver should be at least 21 and hold valid driving license at least for 3 years.

5. There is limit to drive less powerful motorbikes.

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UK driving theory on December 9, 2010

Driving lessons are needed to practice for driving test, similar practice is needed to pass theory test. Practice for theory test includes taking mock tests and hazard perception tests.
Mock tests are very similar to multiple choice section in DSA theory test. Mock test questions come from various categories: accidents, alertness, attitude, documents, hazard awareness, motorway rules, other types of vehicle, road and traffic signs, rules of the road, safety and your vehicle, safety margins, vehicle handling, vehicle loading, vulnerable road users. These categories are the same you will have in DSA theory test. You can take mock tests online or in print. It depends on your own choice and habits. Be aware that DSA theory test could be taken only on computer. Probably it is worth to decide in favor of computer to be familiar with on the theory test day.
Hazard perception tests could be practiced only on computer. You just should decide among various products available online – is it convenient for you to test online or it is more comfortable to buy CD and practice offline. Again, the choice is yours!

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